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Eleutheria:--Sonnet to Liberty Ave Imperatrix
To Milton Louis Napoleon
Sonnet on the Massacre of the
Christians in Bulgaria
Quantum Mutata
Libertatis Sacra Fames Theoretikos
The Garden of Eros Rosa Mystica:--Requiescat
Sonnet on approaching Italy San Miniato
Ave Maria plena Gratia Italia
Sonnet written in Holy Week at Genoa Rome Unvisited
Urbs Sacra Aeterna Sonnet on hearing the Dies Irae
sung in the Sistine Chapel
Easter Day E Tenebris
Vita Nuova Madonna Mia
The New Helen The Burden of Itys
Impression du Matin Magdalen Walks
Athanasia Serenade
Endymion La Bella Donna della mia Mente
Chanson Charmides
Impressions. I. Les Silhouettes II. La Fuite de la Lune
The Grave of Keats Theocritus: a Villanelle
In the Gold Room: a Harmony Ballade de Marguerite
The Dole of the King's Daughter Amor Intellectualis
Santa Decca A Vision
Impression du Voyage The Grave of Shelley
By the Arno Impressions du Theatre:--Fabien dei Franchi
Phedre Portia
Henrietta Maria Camma
Panthea Impression: Le Reveillon
At Verona Apologia
Quia Multum amavi Silentium Amoris
Her Voice My Voice
Taedium Vitae Humanitad
Glukupikros Eros [transliterated from the Greek]