This collection of images of badgers are mainly ones that others have been kind enough to let me put on this site.  If you have a photo or drawing that you would be willing to share, please contact


Young European Badger
European Badger
I'm in the weeds man
Hey, where's the party?

Cute pair of Eurasian badgers
Stuffed Albino Badger
Side view of Eurasian badger
Close-up of Eurasian badger face
Baby Badger, a few weeks old

Fox and two badgers
Badger on the move
A Washington Badger
Front paw of a badger
Surprised pair of badgers
Rare and endagered Burmese ferret badger
Hog badger in a Thailand Zoo
American badger skull



Badger Borg of Badger Org
Cute Badger with Flower
Peter J. Badger

Badger Knight

Scottish Badger

Badger.Org logo badger

Animated Badgertown logo