This section is dedicated to spreading information on how you can help badgers.  Protective legislation is increasing within individual countries, but there is little protection for badgers under international law.  If you have any information on helping badgers, or organizations to that end, please contact:
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In Britain it is illegal to hunt or kill badgers without a license.  Badger baiting (using dogs to fight a badger), was  outlawed in 1835.  Then in 1973, digging for them was made illegal by the Badgers Act.  Later in 1992, The Protection of Badgers Act consolidated past badger legislation.  It extended the protection the badger itself, which  makes it an offense to damage, destroy or obstruct badger setts.

In Britain If you see suspicious activity at a badger sett, do not confront anyone, remain unseen and note the description of the men, dogs and equipment. Look for any vehicles involved and note the make color and registration number. Then call the Badger help line at 0378 660065. If no one is available CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY - DIAL 999.

A really good resource of news about badgers and helping them is at the Coalition of Badger Action Groups.