National Federation of Badger Groups - The NFBG is a registered charity which promotes the conservation, welfare and protection of badgers, their setts and habitats. We are the leading voice for badgers in Britain and represent and supports 80 local voluntary badger groups.
Forest of Dean Badger Patrol - Great British site, whose members help keep the illegal hunting of badgers in check.

The Virtual Badger Sett
 - This is the first web site about badgers, I encountered many years ago.  It has lots of great images and information not found any where else.
Badger's on the Web (Also known as - Steve Jackson who is the webmaster there, has been a MAJOR help on this site.  Please take a moment to visit his site!  It is one of the best badger resources on the Internet.
 - A great source of information on the British badger with "loads" of great pictures.  They even have a place you can rent to watch badgers.  This is a must see!
Brock's World - a place where children can learn about the badgers of the world, and have fun too!
Badgerland - Their intro says they are the "Definitive Guide to Badgers in the United Kingdom.", and they certainly do have a lot of great information. 
Harrison Home Page
 - This is a very interesting and thorough site with information on badgers in the United Kingdom.  It has lots of nice pictures too!  I had to take him up on his offer to use some.

The British seem to love the badger animal more than the American population.  Most of my badger figurines have come from England.  Lately most of my good finds have been on Ebay.  Click Here for a new window to open up with a current "badger search" on Ebay.

If you have a web site specializing in badger collectables, please contact to get your site listed here.