Indonesian Stink Badger - Mydaus javanensis


Indonesian Stink Badger
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The stink badger's body is brown to black, with white on the head and sometimes with a dorsal stripe. Its body ranges from 15 inches (38 cm) to 20 inches(51 cm) long, excluding the tail.  The length of the tail ranges from 2 inches (5 cm) to 3.2 inches (8cm), and they weigh from 2.2 lbs (1 kg) to 8.8 lbs. (4 kg).  The  toes of the forefeet are united as far as the roots of the claws.


I've been unable to find any information on the reproductive aspect of either stink badger.


Like most badgers, the teledu is a nocturnal animal.  Its setts are not maze-like as are the Eurasian and American badgers.  They are usually a single tunnel with a larger "room" at the end.  They are not very deep, and the teledu have even been known to occupy and share porcupine burrows.  


The Indonesian or Malayan stink badger is also called skunk badger, or teledu.  One of its few predators other than man and his encroachment on its habitat, is the The Javan Hawk-eagle.  The stink badger is not a particularly fast animal, but has been known to trot when surprised.  Their primary defense is their "stink bomb", which is actually a milky green secretion.  The Indonesian badgers stink secretion is stronger than its Palawan cousins'.



The stink badger is an island-dwelling form found in Southeast Asia, usually living in mountainous areas.